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Writing Horses: An interview with Tobi Lopez Taylor

Posted on December 9, 2016 at 3:50 PM Comments comments (0)

Writing Horses: An interview with Tobi Lopez Taylor

by Gina McKnight

An archived interview from the October 2016 Issue of Arabian Finish Line

No duplication without permission.


Living outside Tucson, Arizona, USA, with her husband, Arabian and half-Arabian horses, writing about horses is second nature to Tobi Lopez Taylor. As a contributing writer for Arabian Finish Line, and the author of two books on Polish Arabian horses, she stays busy at her keyboard. Her writing has appeared in Arabian Sport Horse, Arabian Visions, Horse Illustrated, Blood-Horse, Dressage Today, Archaeology Magazine, American Indian Art Magazine, and other publications, including the anthologies An Apple A Day and In My Life. In addition to being an award-winning writer and editor, she has bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Anthropology from Arizona State University.

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An Interview with Equine Writer Rachael Eliker

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Rachael Eliker was born and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska. She attended UNL where she studied Animal Science with an option in Biology, before moving to Iowa with her husband to live on a century-old farmstead. She currently lives on an acreage in Indiana, with her husband and four children where she enjoys challenging home improvement projects, running on lonely stretches of country road and writing young adult fiction.

Céline Elouise, World Equestrian

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From Schmitten, Germany, Céline Elouise loves American Mustangs. She is the owner of Diego, a rescued Mustang whom she met while working as a volunteer at Diane Delano’s Wild Horse Rescue Center in Mims, Florida USA. At 19, Céline became familiar with America’s Bureau of Land Management (BLM); the political veil and the challenges of the Wild Mustangs. In Mims, she found the horse of her dreams, and knew she had to take him home…

Mark Hanna, The Horse Listener

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The Horse Listener - author Mark Hanna is on the verge of releasing his new book Easily and Effortlessly: The Horse Listener Resurrected. Mark writes, “I seek to influence the youth and as many horsemen and future horsemen who will listen to my message.” Mark shares his passion for the Arabian horse as he provides insight to horsemanship, being an equestrian, caring for horses, and life in general…

Stephanie R. Corum, Arabian Finish Line Magazine, Equestrian & Author

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Stephanie R. Corum has been devoted to horses ever since she first read Walter Farley’s The Black Stallion when she was a child. Stephanie has competed in hunter, jumper, equitation, and eventing, but now concentrates mainly on dressage. Her current partner is an Arabian/Dutch Warmblood mare named Nadia’s Jewels. Stephanie has a Master’s Degree in Animal Science from the University of Kentucky where her focus was on equine genetics. She has spent many years working on horse farms as well as for The Jockey Club Information Systems, the Arabian Jockey Club and the Arabian Racing Cup.

Peter Mankowski, CEO SeeHorse Wearable

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Archived interview as seen in the November 2015 Issue of Arabian Finish Line Magazine...From Canada, welcome Peter Mankowski the CEO of SeeHorse Wearable, a device that is designed “especially for the equestrian market by people who love horses.” SeeHorse will monitor your horse’s vital signs to “help you improve the health and performance of your horse.”

Peter J. Hurst, World Equestrian & Poet

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Poet and equestrian Peter J. Hurst was born and raised in England. He has worked over 50 years dedicated to horses. A true world horseman, advocate for orphaned foals, now a published poet, Peter knows the value of horses. In 1997, Peter created, a program dedicated to helping orphan foals obtain the colostrum they need to survive.

Fred E. Kunkle, Equestrian/Goldenwings Horseshoes

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From USA, Fred E. Kunkle is an all-around equestrian as well as the salesman for Fred has a lot of horse history and, as a farrier, knows the importance of good shoes. Goldenwings are currently in the final phase of prototype testing in the Sonoran Desert to be sure the shoes will exceed the company’s 40 day/40 night 100% money back quality guarantee. Fred says, “This is the most revolutionary new horseshoe in over 2000 years.”

Vickie Ball-Seiter, Journey with Horses Professional Life Coach

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From Ohio, USA, Vickie Ball-Seiter has spent years living abroad. Global travel has inspired her to incorporate the most appealing (and healing) aspects of her cultural experiences to create a satisfying life and business as a professional life coach. Vickie is the proprietor of Journey with Horses, a coaching facility where Vickie leads her clients through a simple and transformational process alongside a 1000 lb. horse!

Mara Dabrishus, Author & Equestrian

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Originally from Texas USA, author and equestrian Mara Dabrishus now resides in the Buckeye State, Ohio! Mara’s new book Stay the Distance is recommended reading for every horse-lover! Mara grew up in the Arkansas Ozarks, spending a good two decades there before she started to move around for school and work. After Mara received her Masters in Library Science from UNC, she moved up to Pittsburgh and finally Cleveland, where she is a librarian at a small college. This year Mara is doing a bunch of big life events, like getting married and buying a house, so onward and upward!